The Wonderful World of Weird!


I’ve heard the “keep _____ weird” mantra attached to both Portland and Austin. Are there other cities that pride themselves with being weird?

When a city embraces a vision for being known for something, the community seems quicker to embrace those who perpetuate that vision who might otherwise be marginalized.

This kilt-wearing guy is a Portland hero for good reason. Quirky. Talented. Contributor to a culture of weird. There are a few YouTube videos out there that show him in action. For the moment, this is my favorite.

Unicycle, Darth Vader, bagpipes and fire. What’s not to like about this?!


One thought on “The Wonderful World of Weird!

  1. christopherbwinkler says:

    I lived in San Francisco for three years. There is no doubt that SF also prides itself on being a little–or rather, a lot–weird. Seeing something like this guy, while entertaining, would not really have been shocking to see riding down the streets of SF. One of the ways I find Orlando lacking…

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