The Dill

instagramWhen the dill pickle in my boxed lunch from Jason’s Deli came sealed in that kind of packaging that is sometimes not so easy to open I found myself compelled to do what I do when I am mildly amused by something. I took a photo of it with my iPhone thinking that someone else would surely also be amused. I didn’t post that day. In fact, it was a couple of weeks later when I finally posted the pickle pic via Instagram on a Saturday morning. Must have been a slow news day.

You can see the packaged pickle picture in the “most recent” position on the Instagram feed as well as in the montage at the top of the page. Click on the pickle (well, this would work if you were actually on the Instagram page, but not with this screen capture, but you get what I mean), and you can see my post (captured for your convenience) and the half-dozen comments friends posted in response.


Instagram Dill Pickle

So, for my Instagram friends, the replies are

  • YES: 2
  • NO: 3
  • and some variation of “It depends”: 1

I have my Instagram auto post to Facebook most of the time. As of just less than an hour ago — which is some 32 hours after the initial posting — there were 86 replies. Apparently not only was it a slow news day, but people have opinions about pickles.

The results of that unscientific poll are

  • YES: 56
  • NO: 22
  • and some variation of “It depends”: 7

What I found most telling is that many if not most who responded were emphatic or enthusiastic. There were plenty of capital letters and exclamation points being thrown about like it was my birthday or something.  I discovered that some of my friends are pickle fanatics or pickle pick-pockets. The more I write about pickle pictures and pickle polls, the more I am tempted to pontificate and alliterate all at once. I’d best stop before someone gets hurt.

Before I go, thought, here is a ridiculously long screen shot of the Facebook replies.


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