Girls finding their voices and speaking their truth

My natural inclination is to seek 100% agreement and to surround myself with people who are basically bobble-headed. That is the easy way. We can convince ourselves that we are all always right about everything if we agree.

But all that bobble-nodding does not help me to see beyond myself and if all I can see is me, I will certainly miss God most of the time.

I applaud these girls who are speaking their truth in their own voices.  Do I anticipate that over time and through experience their truth will deepen — strengthening and sharpening in some places, rounding out and softening in others? Sure. Do I agree with all their jots and points and declarations? Nope. But I love their unwillingness to sit still and thoughtless. I love what I might describe as a rather significant dose of umption in their gumption.


Thanks, Ali, for sharing this video on Facebook. I love your uption, too.

2 thoughts on “Girls finding their voices and speaking their truth

  1. Ken Mullins says:

    Interesting, I enjoy reading those I don’t agree with. I try to be consistent in my views, but I find consistency easy in principle but extremely difficult in real life.
    Respect the individual while engaging the idea, so that we keep people in their equality but ideas in their hierarchy. ~ Ravi Zacharias

    • Ruth Hubbard says:

      I find that when I intentionally listen with expectation that I can learn from those with whom I disagree I grow both more open to new things and unfamiliar ideas and simultaneously more certain of the things which are certain.

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