Catching myself hypocritically quoting Bonhoeffer

Bonhoeffer - Christian communitySo, I read this in my Facebook news feed and my first response was to applaud Bonhoeffer for speaking hard truth and speaking it well. Then I want to share this so all my Facebook friends can know that I’m the kind of person who likes Bonhoeffer quotes.


Thankfully, all of this puffed-up thinking takes a bit of time and I read these words again and then again and they start to seep under those outer layers of selfness and I begin to see what this means. Now…finally…a bit out of breath from chasing my too-quick-to-selfie  myself around the Facebook yard…I share this.

i share because it reminds me of the grace and the good and the hope for us all. I share because it challenges me to reconsider my self-designed prerequisites which would keep us all disconnected, not holy.

I’m finally still enough to hear the echoes of wisdom-words I’ve heard before. Words about God’s power being made perfect in my weakness, for example. Words about the last becoming the first. Words about every part of the body being necessary for the whole to be, well, whole.

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