Flourishing: Teachers and the Power of Relationship

Rita Pierson motivates teachers (and others, too) to be champions for their students. She reminds us all that learning is dependent on relationship.

“James Comer says that no significant learning can occur without a significant relationship.”  I heard that and paused the tape to argue about that inside my head for a minute or two before I gave up.   “George Washington Carver says all learning is understanding relationships.” Ah, and here I began to see how this has been true for me. Maybe for you too?

No matter, my point is not to argue the details so much as to thank God for educators like Rita Pierson and her parents and maternal grandparents and so many others to teach graciously, courageously, unselfishly.

rita-pierson-featureI applaud my friends and family who are entering the classroom one more time the fall—learning new names and hearing new stories—investing themselves heart and soul into their students. May you know the extraordinary joy and life-giving hope of the One who extends his grace to you and through you.

Again, from Pierson: “Is this job tough? You betcha. Oh God, you betcha. But it is not impossible. We can do this. We’re educators. We’re born to make a difference.”

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