Flourishing: Training to Thrive

screenshotIf nothing else, this is an adorable video of a wee person. As I watched it, I found myself doing the oooo-ing and aahhhh-ing that one tends to do while watching such things. Then my mind began to engage what my heart was enjoying.

Of course I do not know what the parents (or was it an older sibling?) were thinking when they created this course for this wee ninja. Their intent may be totally other than what I’m assuming, but I’ll risk that. What I see in this is a course designed to both challenge and encourage a child. It is developmentally sound. There are elements that are easy and others that are a bit more difficult, but the whole thing can be done now even though it can be done better—with greater skill and ease, and in less time—with practice. There are even elements which can be adjusted to increase the challenge when the time is right for that.

I think these parents want their child to win, but they want him to work at it. They seem to understand that he will enjoy and be empowered by a win that costs something. They seem to get that kids (humans) step up to a challenge.

I’m asking myself where I might be creating a course (metaphorically) for myself or others which is either so easy that it conveys a lack of trust or value or so difficult that it assumes failure.  How can I train myself and others to thrive rather than use “training” to prove inadequacy or demonstrate un-importance?

One thought on “Flourishing: Training to Thrive

  1. mrb782012 says:

    I’m so aware because of swimming & bicycling that if I am following or alongside someone that is just a little better than myself but loving/encouraging/patient, I am the most motivated to push myself!

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