Reverend Doctor Sister Brenda

Last week most InterVarsity ministers gathered in Orlando for our triennial Staff Conference. I could have blogged every day—multiple times each day—in response to the things I was experiencing and learning and doing. I chose to limit my digital interactions so as to be more fully present in the moment and that meant not blogging. I also mostly did not Instagram and totally did noimg_0760t Tweet.

Rev. Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil served as our daily Bible teacher. I could not have been more thrilled (from the moment I heard that news) or blessed (from the moment she began to teach)!  I have learned so much from this woman of God, starting nearly a decade ago when she traveled to Orlando for her orientation to Wycliffe as a newly elected Board member and I was honored to serve as her administrative “buddy.” (This image, by the way, is from a photo taken at Urbana’15.)

I could go on and on for thousands of word, trying to tell you what she taught and how, attempting to re-tell her stories. Instead, I want to share, for now, one of the things I heard God tell me through her. God confirmed in no uncertain terms that in this season I am called to be an Elizabeth, seeing and calling out the new-life-thing he is producing in others even as he is doing a new thing in me. What a joy to walk in this space, filled with the hope of God’s promise, God’s faithfulness, God’s light.



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