Outsourcing Life

Oswald Chambers challenges me to the core. In The Shadow of an Agony he declares that we too easily rely on God to do a miracle when we should just get off our butts and do what we were created to do. My words. He asserts that we use prayer as an excuse for inaction. I wonder if we should lump almost all social media in that same category. I know I can let inactivity feel enough like activity –especially when a lot if good words are used–that I don’t actually contribute to the greater good of anyone.  That is not to say that words have no power or value.

Back a few decades ago when i was a teenager, I remember someone stating that praying to God that he would keep you from “going too far” when you’re already in the back seat of the car with windows steamed up and buttons undone is like asking him to not let you get burned after you’ve dumped gasoline over your head and you’re about to light a match. Maybe these are examples of what Chambers is getting at.

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