Sticking my toe in the water


I started blogging with some regularity almost a decade ago. For some seasons, it was a helpful discipline. I learned some things about myself as I experimented with the things that come with blogging, like analytics that measure one thing but can be interpreted to have all kinds of meaning. When I started a Masters program at Fuller Seminary in the Fall of 2013, I thought I would keep blogging though I was sure I would either blog less often or mostly ramble on about the things I was reading and learning. That was an unrealistic expectation.

I turned in the last assignment for my last class just over two months ago. At about that same time, my dad’s healthy landed him in the hospital for a week and a skilled nursing facility for a month. He’s home and doing well and we are both adjusting to some new normals that may be temporary or more than temporary.

And, while it is “an Urbana year” and the pace of things around Urbana-land can be whiplash inducing at times, I think I need the discipline again. For 18 quarters my coursework provided the frame that kept me reading and forming complete sentences.

We’ll see how it goes. For now, my toe is in the water and I’m starting remember how much I like to swim in this pond.

4 thoughts on “Sticking my toe in the water

    • Ruth Hubbard says:

      Diana, how lovely to be missed and how kind of you to let me know. I pray that this blogging venture re-visited will bring honor and glory to Creator as well as encouragement and hope to those who stop by for a read once-in-a-while.

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