I love a vocal duet. Two voices singing together so that they sound better together than either does alone is a most amazing thing.  Whether you’ve been aware of the “why” of it or not, you’ve probably heard the difference of a duet where the voices were in competition with each other for dominance and a duet where the voices complemented one another, served one another. If you want to see if you can hear the difference, Google “best duets” and you’ll have more video to watch than time, as well as some interesting lists like this one from Billboard.

Is57 and Heb12

In my opinion, the best duets require the two voices to have a significant degree of similarity and a significant degree of difference.

Like chocolate and peanut butter.

Now, all of this talking about vocal duets is not really about the music but about something that I’ve experienced over the past few months. God has been bringing two passage of Scripture together in ways that are delighting my spirit a lot like a great vocal duet or, well, the chocolate/peanut butter combo I already mentioned.

Recently is was this from Isaiah 57 along side this other from Hebrews 12.


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