Dirt Under My Nails


I’ve had to have a little talk with myself nearly every weekend for the past month and a half—ever since Home Depot and others have been tempting me with living, blooming things in pots. In Florida I could practically pick up a plant at any time of the year, shove it in the ground, and it would be taking over the yard in a few months. Well, that’s a slight stretch. Still, semi-tropical climates are fun for the less-than-attentive but well-intentioned gardener.

But I live up north again, where Spring often teases us early with a few days of sunny goodness only to frost our toes good one more time. Or six. I repeated the mantra I learned as a kid and then learned the hard way as a zealous first-time home owner with a credit card: DO NOT PLANT OUTSIDE UNTIL MOTHER’S DAY.

Saturday, with perfect Spring weather and an extended forecast that makes me wonder if Mother Nature is trying to make up for that really late snow, I could wait no longer. I didn’t go for the summer floral extravaganza, just the grasses for the deck planter and a flat of petunias for there and a few pots in front and back. I needed some pinks and purples and reds to go with the yellow daffodils.

This next Saturday, I’ll go for a few perennials for out front and some interesting mixes for the large pots out back. I love when my weekend includes getting dirt under my nails.

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