Acts of Resistance

Recently I’ve been considering the things that take hold of me—of us—and keep us from living out a faithful witness to the goodness, the greatness, the holiness of God.

Recently I’ve been naming those things in our culture or in my character than are at least footholds and often become strongholds that the enemy uses to derail, discourage, and disconnect us from God and each other.

And in this I find myself considering the practices I might embrace that counteract these influences — the things I can do and say and be that resist the forces of darkness with the antidote of light.

When I friend posted the Ulin quote below, I liked it and created a graphic of it to share via Instagram. That got me to thinking that I’d like to have more of these reminders—of these encouragements to walk in the light. I’ve made up a few below, including some that are incomplete. Consider this an invitation to help complete these or create others.  I’d love to hear your ideas!

IMG_5195 IMG_5205 IMG_5175
IMG_5201 IMG_5194.JPG IMG_5204


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