Classical to Ragtime


I know it sounds like a copout when my response to “what’s your favorite genre of music?” is something akin to “I like some of most kinds of music.” Give me credit that I don’t say I like all music. That would be impossible in so much as I’ve not experienced/heard all kinds of music. And even of what I have heard, that would be a lie. I don’t like all music. However, even the genres I’m not generally fond of, I am often specifically fond of a song from the genre. So, I’ll keep responding with this as long as this question keeps being asked.

Just because some people only like Country music, that does not mean that all music should be country-fried for them to be able to enjoy it. I am all for all of us expanding our musical pallets. When we can enjoy a piece of music played or sung (or both) the way the composer intended, that’s good. It is also good that we adapt music as instruments are invented. I’m a bit of a sucker for a piece written as a string quartet being played on brass instruments. Sometimes.

Today a friend of mine from Bethel days—we were in the women’s choir together—posted a Jonny May video on Facebook. I’d never heard of him. Apparently Jonny had used social media to let people vote for the classical themes that should never be played in Ragtime and then made of video of himself playing the winners…in Ragtime. I’m guessing some people’s minds were changed to consider that maybe any musical theme could be played in a completely different style. Key to that, however, is quality.

Heard any other of these transformations done really well?


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