Play ball!


If you watch this video and don’t feel all the feels, I can’t explain to you why I do. Well, that’s not quite it. I think that I just can’t explain it in a way that you will feel anything close to what I feel if you don’t already.

I can explain to you that this little boy is acting out classic baseball player at bat routines. I can explain that at his age, this suggests he as watched a lot of baseball and that either the person playing has been important to him (his dad maybe, or an older brother) or the person(s) he’s watching with is important to him.

I can explain how his dog is not only a cute playmate, but shows every sign of being the kind of canine best friend who will walk with him though so much more than play.

And I can explain how much I love when children play in ways that demonstrate they have a healthy and well-activated imagination as well as how much I love when children are permitted to get dirty.

Play. This is what we all — yes, I said and mean ALL — need more of in our lives.

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