02-2015 (archive)

Monday 02/02

MAGL Paper: Section 2 of my paper is due this morning. I’m focusing my paper on the Prayer Ministries team at Wycliffe and asking what it would look like specifically for this department to be more missional. That may sound odd to consider how a mission organization’s prayer department to be more of what it should pretty much totally be, but I’m finding the process to be helpful in so many ways. I’m applying a process designed for the analysis of a church to an organization (with the professor’s blessing and encouragement).

A Day at the Office: ELT Tactical meeting @ 8:45  |  Phone call with a Wycliffe couple about their potential involvement with us atUrbana @ 10:30  |  Strategy meeting with the Bibleless Peoples Prayer Project coordinator about the preferred future of this critical prayer program @ 1:30  |  Working on plans for the March staff retreat and our Monitoring Report to the Board in the space around those meetings

Tuesday 02/03

A Day at the Office: I’ll be working from the Prayer Ministries Department all morning, joining them for their daily prayer and devotional time  |  Strategy and planning around our Prayer messaging schedule for the next 9-12 months @ 10:30  |  Regular check-in with Russ (Wycliffe’s COO and my boss)

Wednesday 02/03

EnterMission: Each week our staff gathers for a kind of chapel service. Our purpose for gathering is to re-align our minds, hearts and spirits with God and his mission and with each other as a community called to serve together. This week we will be reminded of ways that teachers serve in the Bible translation cause through Wycliffe and seeing how a recently launched campaign to inspire, inform, and invite teachers to this adventure was put together and is being evaluated. We’re taking a look together behind the curtain.

A Day at the Office: I have minimal responsibilities with EnterMission this week.  |  My day will mostly be invested in preparations for many of the events coming in the next weeks.  | I have a weekly update with one of the Prayer Ministries team members @ 1:30.

Thursday 02/04

Travel!  This morning I have a non-stop flight to LAX. I’ll arrive mid-morning and then head to Malibu to a retreat center where I’m meeting with the Urbana ’15 Steering Committee starting in the afternoon. I love this group and this work! Pray that God will give us creativity and wisdom.

Thursday is one of the days in the week when I have assignments due. If I have not been able to work ahead Monday-Wednesday, I will use my flight to complete the writings due by this evening.

Friday 02/05

All day today will be with the Urbana ’15 Steering Committee. In the evening I’ll be picked up by an old friend I’ve not seen for more years that I can calculate on my 10 fingers and 10 toes. We met the summer we both taught English in The People’s Republic of China with ELIC. She and her husband live in Santa Barbara and I get to spend the weekend with them. Woot.

Saturday & Sunday 02/06-07

I am looking forward to the time with Cheri & Chris. I also have a reading report that needs to be completed by Monday morning. I might get that done before I travel, but I might now.  I’ll be catching the red-eye at LAX for the journey back to Orlando. Pray that I can sleep.

Monday 02/08

I’ll arrive in Orlando in time (I think) to freshen up and get into the office for our weekly ELT tactical meeting after which I will be attempting to complete the full draft of our Monitoring Report to the board. A number of my teammates have content due to me Monday morning, so pray that they will get what they need and pass it off to me so I can do what I must before we hand it over to Bob (President of Wycliffe) for his edits and approval.

Tuesday 02/09

Prayer Ministries staff meeting @10:30  |  An hour with Ian who is the Director of SIL’s work in Nigeria @ 1:30 to update him on what Wycliffe USA is doing with prayer  |  Prep for tomorrow’s EnterMission

Wednesday 02/10

EnterMission features a couple who are on their way to Mexico soon. I’ll be doing an interview.  |  I’ll be doing my first Prayer Ministries presentation to a Wycliffe Connection group. I have a limited time to present. Pray that I will be clear and concise in my communication.  |  Regular weekly update.  |  And stuff…

Thursday 02/11

ELT Check-In @ 8:45 and Engagement Strategies Team weekly meeting @ 10:30. This is a standard Thursday morning.

Monday 02/16

ELT Strategic @ 8:45  |  Study on Women in Leadership interview @ 10:15

Tuesday 02/17

Discussion about the development of a Wycliffe prayer app @ 2:00  |  Check-in with Russ

Wednesday 02/18

EnterMission this week will focus on the ways those of us on staff with Wycliffe can engage our local friends in the Bible translation cause.  |  Weekly update @ 1:30

Thursday 02/19

ELT Check-in @ 8:45  |  Engagement Strategies Team @ 10:30  |  ELT Panel and dinner at Bob’s house with the group he has gathered for the Unplugged young leaders event.

Tuesday 02/24

ELT Monthly 1/2 Day Strategic.

Wednesday-Friday 02/25-27

Travel! I’ll be driving south to Ft. Lauderdale at the Point Leader for this year’s Global Leadership Summit at the Wycliffe USA satellite site. The event begins with a reception Wednesday evening and goes all day Thursday through mid-day Friday. I’ll drive home Friday afternoon.

Assignments will be due Thursday evening and more on Monday morning.

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