06-2015 (archive)

March 2015

Monday 03/02

ELT Weekly tactical  |  Bibleless Peoples Prayer Project Strategy Session with Recruitment and Marketing  |  other misc updates and planning meetings.

Tuesday 03/03

This morning I plan on welcoming (and helping to direct) IVCF staff as they arrive in Orlando for their MultiEthnic Staff Conference.  |  Regular Check in with Russ @ 2:00  |  Wycliffe Foundation Board meeting @ 3:00 (I serve on this board)  |  Dinner and Session with IVCF MultiEthnic Staff as they honor Dr. Sam Barkat who served as VP with IVCF for many years and did vital foundational work as they pursued a vision for effective multiethnic ministry. Sam is now a part of Wycliffe’s leadership.

Also, this afternoon I will have just under an hour with Tionee who is coming brand new to Wycliffe to serve as the admin for three of us who are Chiefs. Will you pray that I will communicate clearly and that she will be encouraged and challenged in all the best ways in this role?!  She’s moving to Orlando from St. Croix, so will you also pray that she will find a place to live and begin to establish relationships that bring her joy and courage as she settles in to a new place.

Wednesday 03/04

I’ve been invited to participate in a dreaming/imagining/brainstorming session with a group of IVCF folk working together on the program for URBANA’15. Because some of them are in town for the Conference and I’m here, the couple others are traveling south for the day. Would you pray with me that the Holy Spirit will give us extraordinary insight and creativity that is strategic and will move URBANA participants beyond anything our minds can conceive of on our own?

Thursday 03/05

Annual Staff Retreat all day. I’ll host the day. We have a special guest—Stephen Trafton of LIVING LETTERS— coming to present Philippians and Colossians.

Friday 03/06

I will spend the morning with Tionee.

I will invest much of Friday and Saturday on my MAGL coursework. The quarter ends and my final paper is due on March 20. In these last couple of weeks leading up to that date, I have a number of small writing assignments (many of which I am completing early) including uploading the final section first draft of the final paper. Pray that I will be disciplined and diligent. Praise God for careful, gifted and willing friend who put fresh eyes on my papers and save me from typos and my apparent distrust of commas.

Monday 03/09

ELT regular weekly tactical  |  Presentation preparation for a few of us traveling to visit colleagues and host town meetings this Spring  |  Training time with Tionee and then lunch with her at which I’m introducing her to a few of my friends who are also colleagues  |  CDC Board Meeting @ 1:00 pm — via phone.

Tuesday 03/10

Prayer Engagement planning  |  Prayer Ministries monthly department meeting  |  Lunch with Bob Creson

Wednesday 03/11

Bob Creson in EnterMission  |  FINAL PREP for the March Wycliffe USA Board Meetings which begin Thursday.

Thursday – Saturday 03/12-14

Wycliffe USA Board Meeting

Sunday 03/15 – Wednesday 03/18

Travel to Turkey for a Women in Leadership Retreat hosted by the Wycliffe Global Alliance. I will be arriving at the hotel late, late, late on Monday night. I’m facilitating or co-facilitating a couple of sessions — one on Tuesday afternoon and one on Wednesday morning. Pray that the time will accomplish all that God intends in us so that we can continue to serve in leadership in ways that give him great delight and glory.

Thursday 03/19 – Saturday 03/21

I’m taking advantage of being in a place I will not likely get to again and staying a couple of days to explore and rest. On Saturday I will be going with other colleagues to Ephesus, so that’s pretty amazing.

Friday 03/20

LAST DAY TO TURN IN MY FINAL PAPER. I’m working hard to have my paper in final draft form before I get on the plane for Turkey (maybe even before the board meeting begin that week prior) so that all I’ll have to do under the influence of jet lag on Thursday morning is address proofer recommendations and do a final tightening and formatting before uploading it to the system.

Sunday 03/22 – Monday 03/23

Travel back to Orlando with an overnight in Istanbul on my own.

Tuesday 03/24

ELT 1/2 Day monthly strategic meeting. I’m scheduled to lead our discussion of a book we are reading together about discerning God’s will together. Pray for my preparations.

Wednesday 03/25

I’ll be hosting EnterMission (our weekly staff + guests “chapel” gathering) this morning and interviewing Bev and Michael — colleagues who have worked in a variety of places and roles over a long career with Wycliffe.

Thursday 03/26

Meetings (regular) all morning.

Friday 03/27

Monthly Half Day of Prayer (Prayer Ministries Department) — I’m hoping to join them for this regular event. I’ve been traveling or otherwise previously committed in both January and February.

Saturday 03/28 – Sunday 03/29

Travel to Thailand.

Monday 03/30 – Sunday 04/05

Thailand. Monday I’ll meet with the HR person for the region I’m visiting. Tuesday I’ll be with Regional Directors for an update meeting and then lunch. Wednesday I will be with some of those Regional Directors again (at their request) and then will be with another group of entity leaders (called the Executive Committee or EC). Thursday the entity conference will begin and I’ll use time over meals and around the edges to connect and meet and see how I/we can serve our over-100 Wycliffe USA folk working in the region. I will offer a Town Meeting on one evening which will include a significant time of Q&A. Pray for clarity of thought, good communication, and strength.)

Monday 03/30

SPRING QUARTER BEGINS for my MAGL program. My course is titled Adult Leadership Development. Wifi can be sporadic where I will be and the Moodle system can be a beast at times when internet is wonky. Thankfully I can let my prof and small group members know that if I’m not showing up (posting whatever I’m supposed to be posting), there is reason. Will you pray that I won’t have to waste a lot of time fighting technology? Also pray that the syllabus and first assignments will be posted a wee bit early so I can download everything (books, articles, assignment descriptions) for the time I’m away before I leave.

Sunday 04/05 – Monday 04/06

Travel back to Orlando after celebrating Easter with my colleagues working in Southeast Asia.

Thursday 04 / 09

Wycliffe USA Scripture Celebration event. I’ll host or co-host. Most of the time I’m hope between Turkey and Thailand will be invested preparing for this event.

Thursday 04/16


MAGL Coursework: the regular rhythm of assignments

My winter class—Leading a Missional Church—began the first week of January and will go through mid-March. “This course explores the nature, identity and purpose of the people of God, as well as the leadership required to lead congregations and the people of faith into interpretive engagement with their contexts; both local and global. The course assists leaders in the development of a missional ecclesiology, and a framework to lead their church/organization to explore and enhance capacities for redemptive formation and engagement. As such the intersection of the fields of ecclesiology, missiology and leadership will be the focus of the course.” (from fuller.edu)

I rejoice that my coursework is consistently applicable in my current role. Being able to focus my final paper this quarter on the very aspect of my work which is requiring a significant part of my thinking is a huge benefit. Pray that I will be open to learn and grow, that I will be disciplined in my reading and other assignments, and that I will not get so wrapped up in my own learning journey that I miss opportunities to invest in and encourage my classmates along the way. 

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