08-16 (archive)

June 2014

Monday 06/15

ELT Weekly tactical  |  Wycliffe@Urbana15 planning RE: our exhibit display space  |  Finalize grant proposal for Bibleless Peoples Prayer Project to be featured as part of the Urbana’15 offering (due June 15)

Tuesday 06/16 & Thursday 06/18

ELT all-day strategic planning and budget work. (The ELT did a full day on the budget about a month ago and then various groups and teams have been doing the hard work of clarifying and prioritizing and aligning the various parts and pieces so that our work will be more effective than ever as we gather.) Pray for discernment, courage, and grace.

Wednesday 06/17

EnterMission featuring the Equip group (new Wycliffe supported staff in Orlando for onsite training as they begin building partnership teams as their first assignment with us.)  |  Various others meetings focused on things like a shared framework for Bible translation (big picture) and the design of a contact card for prayer partners (little details).

By the end of the week

Wycliffe@Urbana’15 Team Invited (I’m 2+ weeks behind on this, but it was my deadline and it had to move to make way for other things that had to take chronological priority.)

Timeline established for September Monitoring Report to the Board (timing is complicated by the timing of my intensives for Fuller).

Clarified/reworked plan for Julie, Biola University student who is interning with me this summer.

Monday 06/22

ELT Weekly tactical  |  1st day of class for the summer quarter @ Fuller! (I looked ahead at what has to be completed before we gather at the end of July. Whoa!)

Tuesday 06/23

ELT half-day strategic meeting (monthly) focused on the results of an organization-wide staff survey completed this spring designed to help us see how our staff are doing/feeling/thinking so that we can get better.

Wednesday 06/24

EnterMission featuring general reflections on the survey. This is a chance for leadership in Wycliffe to let staff know what we are learning from the survey and how we are beginning to respond.  |  Following EnterMission, we will have a workshop with all managers so they know how to interpret the data they’ll see.  |  My regular check-in with Russ (COO) is in the afternoon.

Thursday 06/25

ELT Check in  |  Engagement Strategies Team: Women of the Word

Friday 06/26

Prayer Ministries Department half day of prayer (monthly)

Monday 06/29

ELT Tactical

Wednesday 07/01

EnterMission: President Bob Creson

Thursday 07/02

ELT Check-in  |  Engagement Strategies Team: Wycliffe’s 75th Anniversary

Summer looks slow. It usually does. For the remainder of July and August I’m going to list the unique things rather than fill space with the patterned meetings: Mon: ELT Strategic, Wed: EnterMission, Thurs: ELT Tactical and EST on some topic.

Tuesday 07/04

Possible ELT round 3 budget review. We are hopeful that we will walk out of our meetings in June able to cancel this or shorten it, but it is currently on hold on our calendars.

Tuesday 07/21

ELT Quarterly (all day)

Thursday 07/23 – Sunday 07/26

Travel to LAX and participate in CBEInternational’s annual conference. The theme this year (my first to attend) is Becoming New: Man and Woman Together in Christ.

Sunday 07/26 – Saturday 08/08

I’ll be on Fuller’s campus in Pasadena, CA for 2 weeks of intensive study with my cohort (see below).

September brings

1: Launch of NEW Bibleless Peoples Prayer Project

11-12: Board Meetings

21-22: ELT Retreat

24-26: Missio Nexus North American Mission Leaders Conference (Orlando)




MAGL Coursework: the regular rhythm of assignments

My spring class—Adult Leadership development—began at the end of March and just finished on June 12! Woot. For the summer and fall quarters, I’ll be taking two classes (half and half) and spending two weeks on campus for intensive study with my cohort like we did in January of 2014. The first course I’ll be taking is titled Organic Organizations and Churches. “This course will provide an introduction to the seminal theories in organizational dynamics including purpose/vision of ministries, ministry values, learning organizations, and organizational structures, culture and lifestyles.” The second course is titled Global Leadership: Implications for Ministry, which is a capstone for the cohort portion of the Masters. 

I rejoice that my coursework is consistently applicable in my current role. Please continue to pray that I will be open to learn and grow, that I will be disciplined in my reading and other assignments, and that I will not get so wrapped up in my own learning journey that I miss opportunities to invest in and encourage my classmates along the way. 

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