04-2014 (archive)

Updated on April 3, 2014

April 5: Neighborhood Garage Sale

Our neighborhood has a garage sale twice per year. I’ve not put out a shingle for a few years but when a colleague who is getting married this summer was looking for a driveway from which to sell redundant furniture, I invited her to come and use mine. This motivated me to pull out a few things that I will price and put on a table on Saturday morning with hopes of making a few bucks while I read and chat and drink coffee.

April 7: Executive Leadership Team (ELT) Regular Tactical Meeting

Every Monday the ELT meets for 90 minutes to go over any of the things that need our attention. Our monthly strategic meetings set direction and these keep us moving TOGETHER in the same direction. Pray that our relationships will be strong and pure and that we will reflect Christ in all that we do and say.

April 8: Kuna Dedication Planning Meeting

Kuna speakers in Panama will receive and dedicate their complete Bibles in September. Just a few years ago you may remember they were featured on Moody Radio. I got to travel to Indy to be on air with the morning team on that local Moody station at that time. Anyhow, we anticipate that our Advancement team may take some guests to this event as a vision trip and we are planning on hosting a staff trip to participate at one of the three dedication events as well. Pray for clarity in our communication on this Skype call (and that technology will serve us well).  Bob G., Sue P. and I will be on the call.

April 9: Vision Cast for Missio in the Middle with Host Team

Beginning in April and running through July I will be hosting monthly EnterMission (our weekly chapel) sessions focused on putting the Mission of God at the center of all we are and do. Today I will meet with a team of table hosts for the first time to case vision to them about this venture and their role. They’ve agreed to fill up their tables, facilitate conversations, and provide feedback to me (and each other).  Pray that we will be effective in our service to Wycliffe staff and that we will be courageous in trying new things and also in evaluating those things.

April 10: ELT Check-In

This is our regular Thursday check-in.  Like the tactical meeting, it keeps us together and focused.

April 11: MAGL Study Time

While I study (read, write, read, read) just about every day, I take the whole afternoon on Fridays (as often as I’m able) to work.  On this day I’ll be making my final comments on the responses of some of my cohort classmates’ answers to questions about Philip Jenkins’ book The Next Christendom. I will also be working on my final paper for one of my courses with a personal goal of having a final-enough draft to send off to my really generous and kind proof-reader friend by April 26.

April 14: ELT Tactical

April 14: Exploratory meeting with Seth Ready, a new friend and a really talented musician who loves Jesus. He and his wife recently lead worship and did a mini-concert at our annual staff retreat. Pray that God will reign in our conversation.

April 15: Tax Day

My taxes are done, submitted, and my modest refund is deposited in the bank. Still, this seems like a good place to invite you to PRAISE GOD with me for his generous provision of resources that enable me to do what He’s called me to do. Thanks to many of YOU for being obedient to Him, reflecting His generosity as you share the resources entrusted to you.

April 16: Missio in the Middle

This is our first session in this 4-month adventure. Pray that the time will be meaningful for all who participate and that God accomplish all that He intends to accomplish in and through us. Pray for a good debrief over lunch with the table hosts.

April 22: ELT Quarterly Off-Site

April 23: Church Partnership Team Gathering

I’ve been invited to meet with this team for about an hour during this critical gathering as they launch themselves with renewed purpose. Pray that I will communicate clearly and graciously. Pray that I will listen well to the Holy Spirit in my preparations and presentation.

April 23-24: Wycliffe Mosaic Academy: BASIC

For almost two years I facilitated (with some great assistance from Wendy and Anita and others) Wycliffe’s monthly 2-day training that is foundational as we develop a culture of inclusion, increasing the grace capacity for each person on our staff so we can thrive as we work across our differences.  Once a critical mass of our staff had completed this training, we moved to a 2x per year schedule. This is the first time in, well, over 6 months since I facilitated this event. Pray for great interactions and abundant affirmation for each participant. Pray that I will listen well. Pray that God will move us to be more like Him in our relationships.

April 25: MAGL Study Time

I’m taking the whole day for study, hoping to finalize my final paper for the first of two courses I’m taking this quarter and intending to do extensive reading for assignments which are due soon.



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