05-2014 (archive)

May 4: Final Paper for Character, Community & Leadership DUE

I’m so grateful for those who served me with grace and truth as they helped me finalize my paper for this class that is part of my Fuller Seminary MAGL program. They asked good questions and saw some of those little details (like missing or extra punctuation) that even a former English teacher misses when its her own writing.

May 5: Executive Leadership Team (ELT) Regular Tactical Meeting

Every Monday the ELT meets for 90 minutes to go over any of the things that need our attention. Our monthly strategic meetings set direction and these keep us moving TOGETHER in the same direction. Pray that our relationships will be strong and pure and that we will reflect Christ in all that we do and say. As we have entered the strategy/budget season for 2015, pray that we will model 1 Corinthians 13 love in our relationships with each other and the teams we lead.

May 8: ELT Check-In

This is our regular Thursday check-in.  Like the tactical meeting, it keeps us together and focused. I did go into the office for this important time.

May 8-10: Drafting Final Paper for Biblical Theology Class

With one reading report and this final paper yet to be completed for my Biblical Theology class, I rejoice that I am on track to meet my self-imposed early deadlines for all of my assignments this quarter. (I’m leaving the country and going off grid for the most part 13 days before the end of the quarter and intend to have all of my assignments turned in before I get on that west-bound jet.)

May 12: ELT Regular Tactical Meeting

May 14: EnterMission: Missio in the Middle

This is our second session in this 4-month adventure  focused on putting the Mission of God at the center of all we are and do. Pray that the time will be meaningful for all who participate and that God accomplish all that He intends to accomplish in and through us. Pray for a good debrief over lunch with the table hosts. This month we will seek to better understand the  nature of God’s “sending” as we explore Scripture from beginning to end.

May 15: ELT Check-In

May 15: Wycliffe Stateside Connection

A few weeks out of the year, Wycliffe USA hosts Wycliffe supported staff who are working in various roles and living in the US (but not working in the Orlando headquarters) for a program called a Wycliffe Stateside Connection. If you get Lisa Meharry’s updates, this is one of the programs she serves.  Anyhow, for 75 minutes on Thursday of these Connections, a couple of us from leadership (often the President and 1 or 2 others) offer a few updates and then take questions. It is a great opportunity to serve these valued team members.

May 19: ELT Regular Tactical

May 19: PNG Planning

Jennifer (Wycliffe USA’s Chief HR Officer) and I are traveling together to Papua New Guinea in June. We’ve set aside some time to do some planning for the Town Meeting we’ll hold with USA folk working in PNG and a Women in Leadership Brunch event we’re hosting with help from a colleague there. Pray that we will walk away with clarity and inspiration.

May 21: EnterMission: Central Africa

Jon will help us to see central African nations through his eyes as we highlight the complexities of this part of the world along with the ongoing work of Bible translation.

May 21-22: ELT Budget Draft 1

This is the time when the ELT deals with income projections for FY2015 and then sees the combined first draft of the FY2015 budget. Our goal is to walk away from the time having agreed on income projections and having agreed on budget limits so that the drafts can be adjusted accordingly. Pray that our minds will be focused, our communication clear and grace-filled, and our common commitment to the greatest good for those beyond ourselves will mark the day. We work well together and are coming into the process with healthy trust and more experience in our roles than we had a year ago when it was our first go as a newish team. While that will make it easier, we could rest on those factors and fail to depend on God in this process. That would be a mistake. Actually, that would be sin.

May 24: DONE! …well, almost….

It is my hope that I will have my final paper for my Biblical Theology class completed and in the hands of a couple of friends who will proof and ask questions. That will give me Sunday as a day of rest and Monday (thanks to the Memorial Day holiday) to pre-pack for travel.

May 24: Hang out with Dan & Shelly Caskey +2

My cousin Dan along with his wife and part of his quiver will be in Florida for a bit of vacation and general thawing. They live in Nebraska and I think it finally quit snowing there by now. We get to hang out some of the day today. (All the more motivation for me to have my paper written and handed off.)

May 26: Memorial Day Packing

Pray that I will remember to pack everything I need for the PNG adventure and exercise good restraint so as not to pack all sorts of things I don’t need.

May 27: ELT Strategic

Once each month the ELT skips our Monday Tactical meeting and gathers for half a day (usually) off site to deal with the kinds of strategic issues and opportunities that require more in-depth conversations. Pray that we will use this time well as we look toward summer and plan into the fall.

May 28: EnterMission: Working Together with Purpose

Plans are a bit sketchy at the moment for this EnterMission gathering. We’re considering how we can best use the hour to take a view at Wycliffe’s strategic framework (content, not structure of it) while celebrating and honoring staff contributions.

May 29: ELT Regular Tactical

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