08-2014 (archive)

August 1: Prayer Ministries Strategy

I’ve been invited to sit in on one session of an ongoing conversation examining the current and considering the future strategies that will best serve Wycliffe in the arena of prayer. I’m asking God to reveal Himself to and through us so that we can see beyond what we know and understand. I’m praying that He will give courage and boldness.

August 4: ELT Tactical

This is the regular Monday gathering of Wycliffe’s Executive Leadership Team (ELT). How can you pray?

  • clear communication
  • courage and compassion
  • discernment in decision making

August 5: Global Leadership Summit “Inside Scoop” Webinar

Wycliffe USA in Orlando is delighted to be a host site for the Global Leadership Summit (Willow Creek Association). In that venture, I’m playing the role of the “pastor” for the host site. IN this run up to the Summit, I have a few scheduled meetings you’ll see. Pray with me that I will be attentive and focused so that I will be well positioned for my role in the hosting. Pray, too, for the team at Wycliffe doing the heavy lifting, that they will be energized by their work and ministry.

August 6: EnterMission — Orlando Interns

Wycliffe USA has benefitted from having a number of interns serving at various sites around the country this summer. The interns who worked and lived in Orlando for these months will be presenting the EnterMission this week. It is always great to hear how God has been at work in and through them.

August 6: Missio in the Middle: Prayer Vision Launch luncheon

The Missio in the Middle experiment proved that the idea is sound and the format is helpful, so we are using it for a three-session preparation for our annual Day of Prayer (November). This week I’ll be meeting with those who have agreed to host tables to cast vision for the sessions and their participation.

August 7: ELT Check-In

This is our regular Thursday hour-if-we-need-it (and we usually do) update time. This hour saves each of us multiple hours that we do not have to be dealing with these thing via email.

August 7: Engagement Strategies Team

I’m joining a team that has been functioning together for more than a year.  This is a multi-leveled, cross-functional team who help keep our various strategies designed to engage people with the Bible translation movements integrated and focused. I look forward to joining this group and would ask that you’d pray with me that God will show me how best to contribute.

August 8: Monitoring Report DUE

Today is the date I’ve set to have the Monitoring Report in the hands of Bob Creson (President/CEO) for his final edits and approval.

August 8: Global Leadership Summit Prep

The local event producer will work with me so that we are well-prepared for the various points throughout the two-day event when I will be hosting locally before and after we are connected via satellite with the main event site in Illinois.  Pray that I will listen well and submit myself to the plan. That is my intent, but I can so easily jump in with ideas and become a distraction if I’m not careful.

August 10-11: Exploration of a Model

Wycliffe USA is in the process of making some modifications to the ways we work internally that will increase our impact both in the States and within language communities where we work. Three of us will travel to Dallas/Forth Worth on Sunday to spend all day Monday interviewing some who are part of the team who developed and currently manage the model we expect to use so we can more accurately communicate about it. Pray that we will ask the best questions to elicit the most helpful answers. Pray that we will find simple non-technical and non-jargon ways to express the aspects of the model we want to share both internally and with our constituency.

August 13: Volunteer Training for Global Leadership Summit

I’ll be present to give a bit of context for the event and to cheer on the volunteers. Others are doing the training. Pray that I will clearly communicate and motivate.

August 13: Tammy and Heidi!!

My friend Tammy and her daughter Heidi are coming to Orlando to attend the Global Leadership Summit. They’re staying with us and we could not be more please with everything about that.

August 14-15: Global Leadership Summit

I often attend this event and always come away better. I learn things that I chew on for months and years. I learn thing that I implement quickly or eventually (when the time is right). I am encouraged and challenged. Pray that this will be true again this year. Pray, too, that I will serve our guests well as I serve as the platform face of Wycliffe as we host the event.

August 16-17: Sanibel Island

Tammy, Heidi and I are heading south on Saturday morning for a 36 hour Gulf Coast beach adventure. Our agenda includes the Sanibel stoop and some shared meals and other restorative things like that.

August 18: ELT Tactical

August 20: EnterMission

August 21: ELT Check-In

August 21: Engagement Strategies Team regular

August 24: Travel (MCO-MSP-IND)

I travel to Indy today for meetings Mon-Tues and have routed in such a way that I will get to have a quick meal with my friend Martha in the Twin Cities. Praise God for this provision.

August 25-26: Urbana ’15 Steering Committee

This is the first meeting of the Urbana ’15 Steering Committee — something I’m thrilled beyond words to have been invited to invest myself in. More later, I promise. Pray that I will honor Christ, that I will make my best contribution, and that we will discern together in such a way that it is clearly the Holy Spirit guiding this group. We’ll meet a few times over the 18 months leading up to Urbana.

August 26: Travel (IND-DTW-ORD)

I leave the Urbana gathering early to catch a flight to Chicago. Pray for on-time everything, including me.

August 26-27: Global Leadership Summit Debrief

I’m honored to gather with others who have served as host site hosts (mostly senior pastors, but others as well).

August 28: Travel (ORD-DWT-MCO)

I’ve scheduled this flight to have a 3-hour layover in Detroit where my friend Charlene will pick me up and whisk me off to their home so I can see for myself where they live and all the TLC they’ve been giving to this fixer-upper. I wonder why I am getting this gift when it is Charlene’s birthday?!

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