07-2014 (archive)

July 7: ELT Tactical

This is the regular Monday gathering of Wycliffe’s Executive Leadership Team (ELT). How can you pray?

  • clear communication
  • courage and compassion
  • discernment in decision making

July 8-10: Travel

4pm flight from Orlando to Amsterdam through Detroit happens on Tuesday evening through to Wednesday morning. Wednesday all day we travel from Amsterdam to Nairobi where we’ll overnight before our final flight from Nairobi to Addis Ababa on Thursday morning.

July 11-13: Wycliffe Global Alliance Gathering

July 13-15: Travel back

Midnight flight to Nairobi through Djibouti followed by Nairobi to Amsterdam on Monday where we’ll overnight at the airport in one of those closet hotels and then Amsterdam to Orlando through Detroit. Scheduled to be home on Tuesday around 3.

July 16: Missio in the Middle

This is our “final” of the series of four EnterMissions focused on putting the mission of God at the center of all we are and do. Pray that our time will be meaningful for all participants and that God will accomplish all He intends to accomplish in and through us. Pray for a good debrief over lunch with the table hosts. Also, ask God to give each table host wisdom as they consider my invitation for them to sign up to continue in the role and to recommend others who could be invited to join the team.

July 17: ELT Tactical Meeting

July 17: Scripture Celebration Planning with Engagement Strategies Team

We have a Scripture Celebration scheduled for October 2 here in Orlando and I hold stewardship responsibility for that event as I have for a couple of years. This meeting is a chance to engage a new-ish collaborative team in aspects of the planning for this event. Pray that I will listen well and that together we will discern God’s direction for this regular event.

July 17: Initial Planning for Worldwide Day of Prayer

For all our history, Wycliffe and our partners in Bible translation have gathered in large and small groups around the globe on (or near) November 11 for a Day of Prayer.  The Wycliffe USA Prayer Ministries department hosts that event for those who are a part of the USA assigned staff. They’ve asked me to help them enhance that event through event design consultation and through some pre-Day of Prayer staff training. This is the first meeting with people we’ve identified ones we hope will join us on this adventure.

July 21: ELT Strategic

July 23: EnterMission – David from Indonesia

July 24: ELT Tactical

July 29: Quarterly ELT Meeting

Among many other topics on our agenda, we will be finalizing the FY2015 budget on this date. Our fiscal year begins October 1.

July 30: EnterMission – Prayer for the Bibleless Peoples

July 30: Performance Appraisal with Russ

July 31: ELT Tactical

July 31: Missiological Consultation IDEA Discussion

A few of us have been talking about the complications of current funding models for supported staff (missionaries who are deputized as fund raisers and who develop and maintain relationships with people who make donations to the organization that cover the costs of their salary and ministry) for an increasingly diverse potential community of partners. We are asking whether we should host/convene a consultation on this subject with other organizations and, if so, what it might look like to do so. Three of us are gathering to officially begin this conversation.


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