11-2014 (archive)

Okay, I’ll own it…I missed most of October.

Not that I missed October, but I missed sharing prayer opportunities. It has been a mentally hectic month. Excuses, excuses.

October 24:Film Analysis Paper due

While I engage media regularly, I realized as I started the research for this paper (read that as “selecting and watching two movies from a list provided by the professor) that I’m a bit out of practice watching full length feature movies and thinking about them critically in full sentences. Most of the movies I watch are on long flights over big oceans.

October 27-28: Executive Leadership Team Retreat

My primary team (the ELT) will gather for our annual retreat. This year we’re using some space next door at the Cru headquarters. Pray that every aspect of the time together will be marked by the Spirit of God, that our relationships will be deepened even as our dependence on God comes into greater and greater focus.

October 30: Final Paper Proposal due

November 2—4: Urbana Steering Committee in Madison, Wisconsin

November 5-6: R&R in Detroit

November 7—9: Speaking at Women’s Retreat (Faith Church)

November 11: Wycliffe Day of Prayer

November 12-13: Wycliffe Mosaic Academy – BASIC

December 2: Wycliffe Staff Christmas Party

December 3-4: Forum of Bible Agencies, North America (Niagara Falls)

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