09-2014 (archive)

September 3: EnterMisson – Sheldon Interview

Bob Creson will host EnterMission and I will be interviewing dear, dear colleagues who have served a lifetime in Wycliffe. Pray that we will communicate clearly and that I’ll choose the questions well so that God is honored greatly and others are well-encouraged.

September 4: New Director Orientation

We have two Board Members who will come early for the regular board meetings so they can have a time of orientation. I help shepherd this process on behalf of the Development Committee Chair.

September 5-6: Wycliffe USA Board of Directors

Our board gathers twice per year. Pray for me that I will serve our Development Committee with excellence. I’m doing a 15 minute presentation — this will be the first time I do it for a group other than the practice/critique group we pulled together to help us tighten and clarify. Pray for clear communication.

September 8: Wycliffe USA and Wycliffe Associates Leader Gather

Wycliffe Associates leaders have invited a group of us to meet with them for a few hours so they can update and explain their most recent ventures. Pray for clear communication and discernment as we begin considering what it all means for Wycliffe USA.

September 10: Website Prayer Tools

As of a few weeks ago our Prayer Ministries department reports through me and this has me more directly engaged with them particularly as I learn in greater detail what they do and how they do it. With the summer-time soft launch of a new website with new prayer tools, it is time to evaluate what is working and what is not and to map out where we’re doing next. Pray for right relationships and sound strategic thinking to go along with creativity and passion for engaging people in praying.

September 11: ELT Check-In and Engagement Strategies Team Meeting

My Thursday mornings are now full with these two regular meetings.

September 12: MAGL Group D Final Skype

Connecting to pray for each other.

September 15: ELT Tactical Meeting

Regular Monday meeting with my primary team.

September 15: Wycliffe Town Meeting

Wycliffe USA assigned staff and others who are able to connect to the live-streaming on our intranet will gather for our regular update. I’ll be making one presentation of an emerging model for Bible translation that is changing the way we work. Pray that I will communicate clearly.

September 15—October 9: Michael in Orlando

Michael is a friend and colleague. He and his wife will be attending the Connection event September 22-25. Michael—who is serving as an artist in residence as they are in the States for an extended furlough—is coming early and staying late to do some art work for us. He’ll be staying with me and Dad when Bev isn’t here.

September 17: Mission in the Middle-Prayer

As we continue to consider together what it means to put the mission of God at the center of all we are and do as an organization, we are focusing for three sessions on prayer. Our time these weeks are being designed to help us get better at praying. This first session is looking at the ways we can use media to inform our prayer. Pray for me as I facilitate, for the table group facilitators to effectively guide conversations and for all participants to feel included and find practical value in the process.

September 18: Engagement Strategies Team with Seth & Nirva

Seth and Nirva led worship and then did a mini-concert at our staff retreat last March. Connections made then have moved us to continue dreaming together about a potential partnership between these gifted and God-honoring musicians and Wycliffe. Following a meeting I had with them early this summer, they’ve been putting together a rather robust proposal which they’ll be presenting on Thursday to the group who manages Wycliffe’s engagement strategies. Pray for clarity and discernment.

September 18—September 23: Staff Vision Trip to Panama

I’m leading a group of our staff whose jobs don’t include international travel to celebrate with the Kuna of Panama as they dedicate their whole Bible on September 20 in Panama City.

  • THU: travel
  • FRI: Panama City exploring
  • SAT: dedication
  • SUN: worship
    • with local English/Spanish congregation where the Wycliffe translators are bing honored and
    • (we hope) worship with a Kuna congregation
  • MON: Panama canal and botanical gardens
  • TUES: travel

September 29: Fall Class Begins

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