Ruth Hubbard Prayer Card - 2017

If you’ve a mind to pray for me, below you’ll find some of my ongoing challenges expressed in the form of prayer requests. As I prove that I am going to be blogging with some consistency again, I may go back to using this space to share specific real-time requests…

Ongoing prayer ops 

  • Pray that I will  continue to grow in endurance, patience and grace.
  • Pray that I will rely fully on the Holy Spirit to provide all that I need to do all He directs me to do.
  • Pray that I will not let ego get in the way — either propelling me to self-serving decisions/responses or hindering me from courageous leadership.
  • Pray that I will find spaces for restoration and rejuvenation along the way.
  • Pray that I will not be distracted by all the things that can distract me personally.
  • Pray that I will daily spend time in the Word and in worshipful prayer, that I will listen well to those who hold me accountable, and that I will apply what I learn.