This page is for those who are pray for my ministry as Director of Urbana serving with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. When I update this list, I will change the date here so you clearly know how “fresh” these are. 

Time-sensitive opportunities to pray

01/03 – 01/08: Orlando, FL for InterVarsity Staff Conference + a day to play  [Pray for us that we will focus our hearts and minds on the glory of God and his grace. Pray that we will treat one another with dignity, extending grace freely and living out our faith marked by generosity and humility. I’m asking God to help me identify some key colleagues to walk with in this next season of my faith journey—someone(s) to mentor me and someone(s) to mentor, perhaps?]

Ongoing prayer ops 


  • Pray that I will  continue to grow in endurance, patience and grace.
  • Pray that I will rely fully on the Holy Spirit to provide all that I need to do all He directs me to do.
  • Pray that I will not let ego get in the way — either propelling me to self-serving decisions/responses or hindering me from courageous leadership.
  • Pray that I will find spaces for restoration and rejuvenation along the way.
  • Pray that I will not be distracted by all the things that can distract me personally.
  • Pray that I will daily spend time in the Word and in worshipful prayer, that I will listen well to those who hold me accountable, and that I will apply what I learn.


Master of Arts in Global Leadership (MAGL) through Fuller [The program I began in September 2013 continues shaping, challenging, and growing me. I’m grateful for the ways God has used the text and context, the professors and the classmates, to form me spiritually and intellectually. Even vocationally. 🙂  01/03 is the first day of my Winter 2017 class: Engaging Independent Films. “The course will engage postmodern storytelling, public discourse, and globalization theologically by studying one of our primary, culture shaping forces: the movies. This course will investigate some of the social, religious, aesthetic, ethical, and psychological implications of international, independent film upon theology. It will in turn seek to engage in a theological dialogue/critique with these movies in order to explore the kind of Gospel demonstration and articulation demanded by fiercely ‘glocal’ contexts that are increasingly defined by a ‘spiritual-but-not-religious’ ethos.” (syllabus)]

Dad [Pray that my dad will continue to be able to enjoy life back in the great Midwest. I’m asking God to provide him with some community here. One step toward that may be our settling in to a local church—something I’m finding more challenging that I’d anticipated.  As age continues to take its toll, pray that he and I will both be wise but not fearful. Praise God that we’ve found a few things that have helped greatly (even as we’ve tried others that proved to be less than helpful for dad)—things that are easily accessible to us.