Planning my 50th Birthday Party!


I’ve been joking with people all year about how I was planning my own surprise party for what was then my upcoming 50th birthday. I honestly had no expectations for such a party. Until…

I discovered that a conference/gathering which I usually attend (representing Wycliffe USA) had been scheduled for the week of my birthday with my actual birthday being the travel day (wonder if #Delta will consider my birthday-osity when handing out medallion upgrades today — I’ve checked out the upgrade wait list and I’m buried deep beyond the available seats, so I’m not really planning on it). With this discovery, I decided to do something about that party after all.

I contacted my friend Jose (who happens to be the Americas Area Director for the Wycliffe Global Alliance, an organization which is one of the hosts for the Americas Area event I’ll be attending) and asked whether I could do a little something. The conversation birthed an idea for making one of the event break times into an ice cream birthday party for which I’m hauling in the toppings/mix-ins as well as covering the cost of ice cream purchase, etc.

So, not only am I flying to San Jose, Costa Rica on my birthday with a promise of getting one of my all-time favorite meals for supper that night, I’m celebrating my birthday with friends and colleagues from throughout the Americas with ice cream and all sorts of sugar and carb loaded yumminess the next day. I love this!