Let it be a sweet sweet sound

The people who point fingers at “Christians” and cry out accusations of “hypocrite!!” and “phony” are sometimes right. ┬áSometimes they know just enough of what Christ called his followers to be and they see not just that we don’t match the calling but they hear us talking as if we do.

I’ve stepped away from the blogging for a number of weeks (2 months, actually) for a number of reasons. One reason was simply to stop talking long enough to make sure that I’m listening.

I’m back, but not sure exactly what that means. I do know that part of what I’m asking God to do in and through me is to make me more and more of who he created me to be in ways I’ve not imagined or not relinquished. ┬áThis isn’t a new prayer so much as a renewed one.

I don’t want to be a hypocrite, wearing the t-shirt and slipping jargon and Jesus neatly between other verbs and pronouns so I can look and sound like a good Christian. When people look at me I don’t want them to hear nice-nice or see a halo — I want them to hear and see Jesus. I want the song of my life to be a sweet sound. Only by His grace.

Michelle sang Sweet Sweet Sound at Northland a few years ago. This is my prayer…