Choice v. Control

Choice v. Control

I’ve been chewing on this statement made by C.S.Lewis in Mere Christianity for a few weeks. Today in my ponder-ificating I recognized that this is a way that the ever-perplexing reality of the relationship between the free will of people and the sovereignty of God collide for those of us with limited capacity to understand (and that would be all of us, so don’t feel at all disrespected or excluded).

By God’s design, our ability to know true happiness and peace is totally dependent on our being in relationship with Him. There is no other way. But we can choose to not respond to His invitation to be in relationship with Him. We can reject His unconditional love, walk away from His extravagant grace, and thumb our nose at His perfect holiness. He has given us the freedom to remain in darkness, isolated and fear-filled, ever-striving and never-reaching.

I know that the whole freewill/ predestination debate isn’t that simple.

Then again, maybe it is more that simple than we let it be in our need to win debates and prove ourselves worthy.

I wonder, in fact, whether our real struggle is that God has given us Choice when we clearly want Control.