Fish Tacos

I first heard about fish tacos from colleagues here in Orlando who were talking about Huntington Beach, California and a place called Wahoo’s. HB is where our organizational headquarters used to be. I thought the idea of fish tacos was…well…disgusting.

I learned that one misunderstanding I had was that these would be like “regular” tacos with fish as a substitute for the ground beef. I was wrong.

Eventually I tried them at a place here called Baja Burrito Kitchen and I liked them. I’ve also had them at McCormick & Schmidts (where the chef takes them to a whole new place of happy) and quite a few other places. There are variations — some more appealing than others — of this yummy meal.

I spent a long weekend at the beginning of the month in Santa Ana for a Wycliffe event. We were finished after church (and pack-up) on Sunday and my flight wasn’t until early Monday morning, so I headed to the coast to see this Huntington Beach place for myself. It was not what I’d expected — and everything people talked about. While I had many, many choices there for lunch, it was almost necessary for me to try the fish tacos (with black beans and rice) at THE place for them. I was not disappointed.