Eradicate Bible Poverty…in this generation!

Sound like a pipe dream?

(“Pipe dream” is a slang term generally referring to a plan or hope that is generally regarded as impossible. The term originated in the 19th Century in reference to the hallucinations caused by the opium people smoked in pipes. But I digress. Worse than usual, you might suggest.)

While we’re doing the definition of terms thing, let’s define these terms too.

ERADICATE: to remove or destroy utterly

BIBLE: the inspired Word of God

POVERTY: deficiency of necessary or desirable ingredients, qualities, etc.

And no, I don’t think it’s a pipe dream. Honestly.

I also think…in fact, I KNOW, that you can be a part of making this happen.

If you explore the Wycliffe tab above, you can learn more about an organization committed to eradicating Bible poverty for the usually marginalized langauge communities of the world which do not have access to any portion of Scripture in the language they understand best.

The Ministry Partnership Ops tab is a page on which you can find ways to partner with me specifically as I serve in a leadership role in Wycliffe. Both of these tabs include links to many other ways you can be involved.

Before you go there, you may want to watch this video produced for and shared with the 4,000+ delegates who gathered in South Africa in November for  Cape Town 2010

Vodpod videos no longer available.

from ORPHANS to SONS & DAUGHTERS, posted with vodpod OneHope (a great partner and friend of Wycliffe) posted this video on Vimeo and that’s the one I could grab for vodpod — so their logo is on the screen shot of the video. Just FYI.