Sad Cats


I’m not sure what it is about cats that captures my attention (and that of so many others), but those crazy felines have a strange power over (some of) us. Cat videos are the most popular thing on the world wide web. And yes, that is a rather sad fact. But that does not take away from the reality that some cat videos are rather quite amusing.

You may  need to be a cat person of some sort to get any real chuckle out of this. I cannot tell. If you are not a cat person and this makes you laugh at all, will you confirm my guess that it will? Thanks.

(For my friends who are parents of young children who lurk over your shoulder when you watch things on YouTube, you should know that there are a number of references to cat scat and they use a variety of verbiage in reference to said scat which you  may or may not use in your homes.)