No, I’m not setting myself up as an expert so that I can blog-boss you around. While I think anyone who pays attention might have some insights about parenting that could be helpful for many, today is not the day when I start telling men #howtodad. In fact, most of the time what you’ll hear from me on that subject is (wow, I’m about to do what I spent the first couple of sentences saying I was not going to do) LOVE.

multi-grain-cheerios-peanut-butter-cheeriosThis blog post is mostly a way to share a new Cheerios commercial that I’m not just applauding, I’m on my feet on top of my chair applauding. Standing Cheer-Ovation. As much as this is good advertising (it holds your attention long enough to get you to see the product and consider it as a good choice…maybe even making you want to toss some in the cart next time you’re in the cereal aisle), it is also good.

Look at all of the healthy defining and reframing this dad does?! Scripted makes it possible, but practice can make us all better at this skill.

Anyhow, thank you Cheerios for making something I want to watch. And share.