Fantastic Week!

Delta brought me back to Orlando yesterday where I spent most of what was left of the day unpacking and slogging through email and getting at least somewhat ready for today. BSF last night and then a quick grocery store stop on the way home and I was in bed before 11.

Returning to the office in about 90 minutes and I’m sure it will be both comfortable to be back into a familiar routine and a bit shocking to be so.

Global Impact Conference in Review:

Before I lose sight of these past 10 days, I want to make a list of all of the events from my time in Indianapolis. I’m going to do less commentating than I am capable of doing (and prone to do, actually). I’m flying without a net this morning, so it’s likely that I’ll remember things later that I’m forgetting now — when I do, I’ll edit this blog entry.


Arrive in Indy.

Get dad delivered to Don and Virginia’s house and get myself delivered to Fred and Mechelle’s house before heading to 91st and College for the official opening event.

Orientation for the Global Impact Conference @ Faith with other missionaries who were featured this year and the missions committee and church staff. This orientation included dinner.


Happy Birthday to me.

Spent most of the day preparing for the events of the week. I really needed this day both to get stuff ready and to get myself ready for all that was to come. GREAT, relaxing time spent mostly at the kitchen table with stuff spread out from one end to the other.

Brad & Jennifer Smith’s HOME group invited me to join them for pizza supper and to share about Wycliffe. This is a home group with a pack of young children. I loved being with them!


Picked up Dad; picked up Starbuck’s at the Z’ville store; headed to Faith to set finish setting up my display. (INSERT PHOTO HERE).

9 AM – Traditional Worship hour – I gave a 2 minute “how I got into the game” testimony (along with 3 other missionaries who did similarly) and then ducked out to join the…

REVELATION Connections Class. They did a short lesson and then I got to share with them about Wycliffe and Bible translation. This was the first time I told what might be called “Fajak’s Story” in the week — but certainly was not the last time.

Hung at my “booth” for part of the “between services” time before heading upstairs to join…

1st & 2nd Grade for a Bible translation and literacy activity. After about 30 minutes with that group, I swapped rooms with Kathy Small and did the same (modified slightly for age) deal with the 3rd-6th graders.

Then there was lunch with the GALATIANS Connections Class and another chance to share Fajak’s story and invite people to partner with me/Wycliffe in ministry.

I dropped Dad back at Lassen’s house before heading to Resocrla’s for some football on tv.

Open House that evening at Todd and Jenni Hufford’s house in Fishers to which (basically) “Heritage” people were invited. Attendance was not numerically stellar, but the time together was really enjoyable. Great evening. (Great snacks.)


Slept in.

Sat @ Starbucks on 86th and Z’ville Rd and did some BSF homework and some Facebook connecting via the iPhone.

Picked up Marian Kussro at her house and headed down to IUPUI to meet Lauren Kussro for lunch. Got a tour of the printmaking studio where she works/teaches before walking over to the Cafe at the Eiteljorg Museum for yummy quesadillas. (Photo above is from one of the student galleries we poked through after lunch. I loved being in that art & education environment, even if just for a short visit.)

In the evening I picked up Dad and brought him back to the Rescorla’s so he could ride with Fred to the Men’s Tailgate Steak event at Faith. I stayed at Rescorla’s where the women from their HOME group gathered (along with my friend Ann Benson who has served for 35 years with Campus Crusade) for supper and conversation. Great evening.

(Okay, I’m out of time for this morning. Will have to do this in installments, I guess.)

(I added a few more things this evening. Still not finished, but making progress.)

(ALRIGHT, I’ve mostly got the list complete, but not so much the commentary. I was correct in thinking that if I waited until I finished this to post it, it would never get done. I’m loosing steam on this as it is. May not add any more, actually. Not sure. One of these days I’ll hook my camera up to the computer and get the few photos I took onto here. I hardly took any pictures on this trip.)


Global Prayer

“Missionaries Only” Lunch @ Soderstrom home

Yats with Don & Joanne

Missions Committee


Women of Faith Bible Study (Debi Fields) + lunch

Indy “tour” with Dad (including Half Price Books and a quick but profitable stop at the Fashion Mall where there was a mysterious sale at one of my favorite stores. Ran into Sara and her husband — a high school friend with whom I’ve reconnected via Facebook in the past year or so.)

Supper with Deb & Andy Klotzs (and Drew, Emily and Libby, too) — This was a great evening of real fellowship. Dad and I were greeted at the front door by a WELCOME sign made by Emily. Drew made a motorcycle helmet for Filbert (who didn’t make this trip — an oversight on my part which turned into H1N1, a better story than “I forgot him:) which is way cool. Libby interjected her own unique brand of fun into the evening, too.


Starbucks with Sheila Wasson.

Picked up Kathy Small on my way to a traditional but not so traditional Thanksgiving Dinner @ Stowers’


Morning @ Faith with other missionaries and the Pastors. Tom lead us in a devotional then he, Don, and Bill talked us through some of the more significant changes around the church from the past few years. Great time.

Lunch at Panera with Steve & Michell Green (and dad) and then back to their place for Kona coffee.

Family Game Night at Faith which included human fooseball and a missionary version of $10,000 Pyramid. I was better at the pyramid game than the fooseball game — no surprise there.


Starbucks with Kelly (Handt) Skinner — Ran into Sara (high school friend) again. This time her youngest was along.

Women of Faith Missionary luncheon

Janet & Andy wedding reception at Zionsville Fellowship

Battle of the Bands at Birdy’s (Jake Brothers Band)


First hour with SOLID (Faith’s 7th and 8th graders), taught by Dawn Waltz. Had a blast. Great people.

Shared my “how I got in the game” 2 minutes with the 2nd hour worship service and then ducked out to join…

Living Today class. Once again I shared Fajak’s story. Great group with good questions One surprise visitor to the hour was David Walker.

“Stay and Pray” which I personally renamed “Lunch and Launch” time — my assigned room was lead by Phil Johnston (one of Faith’s elders). We lunched and people asked questions about Wycliffe and my ministry and then prayed for me. It was fun to have that time with a small group of folk at the end of a fantastic week.

Packed up my display and headed back to Rescorla’s where I spent the afternoon watching football and packing all my stuff.

One last Starbuck’s run — this time with Michelle Shelburn — and then Joanne Beachy helped me get back out to Z’ville after I dropped off the church’s minivan at the church.

Watched the first 1/2 of the Colts game and went to bed.