Consider yourself invited to a FREE SCREENING of a new movie titled COOL IT. Screenings are in selected cities (I did not do the selecting) November 9 through November 17.

COOL IT challenges us to look beyond global climate change and embrace the principles of protecting and sustaining all of God’s creation … to focus on saving the planet and its people. Some of what I read about this movie suggests that this is an answer to some of the issues presented in Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth — not an argument against the idea, but an answer to the issues presented.

I’m planning on going to the Orlando screening — I’ll let you know what I think.

Here are a few other claims made by the movie promoters:

  • Protecting human rights and meeting basic human needs are critical parts of our Biblical call to stewardship.
  • COOL IT rejects a “just throw money at it” approach in favor of one that will enable the critical investment of more resources to help benefit suffering people along with the planet they inhabit.
  • COOL IT may well be the most non-sensational, critical look at protecting all of God’s creation that is currently available in the mainstream.

If you check out the COOL IT space on, you can view clips and read various facts about the issues on which this film is built.

This issue has grown in popularity — but to jump on the tree-hugger cause train just to be popular is rather exhausting. Popular or unpopular, we do have a Biblical mandate to steward well the resources put under our care by our Creator. I’m interested in stretching my thinking. How about you?  Will you join this conversation?

To reserve your seat (and find out whether there is a seat near enough to where you live that you actually want it), check out this link.