…the Lord of the plethora…

“God is the Lord of the plethora, the God of the diverse, the redeemer of the plural. Cultures are not infinite. No single one can hold the wholeness of praise and worship of the fulness of the counsel of God.” (Dr. Harold Best, Dean Emeritus, Wheaton College)

This is on the front of the newspaper at Northland this weekend. Joel Hunter brought really good teaching on Genesis 11 — and God’s PLAN A which involves the reality that He is most glorified by global diversity. Still chewing on it. Will download the audio once it’s posted and chew some more.

And this pondering & chewing is finding application for myself in prayer that frightens me in the way that God frightens me — a prayer for humility. ┬áIt is humility which opens my eyes and heart and mind to see that God cannot be completely or adequately contained in me, in my language, in my culture, in my denomination, in my ethne, in my imagination.

It is also another nudge toward a decision to walk in a direction (I’m sorry, I am being vague with this one) personally…but not alone. In fact, it is the “not alone” part that is the point of the walking. More about this when I can.