iSight-PART THREE: choosing is more fun with options

If you want to read this story from the beginning, check out iSight PART ONE and PART TWO in the previous two postings.

It’s great knowing that I have options for vision correction beyond glasses and contacts.

Dr. Joel Hunter of Hunter Vision is sure that he could use the new lasik procedure called SBK to get my vision to something WAY better than it is now, but can not promise the clarity of vision that I’m currently experiencing with contacts. My lenses are thin and my need for correction is significant. He’d be willing, but said it’s not my best option. As one who really likes to see distance clearly, I agree with his evaluation after understanding the limitations and other optoins.

His recommendation isĀ natural lens replacement, which he explained fully. I didn’t realize that much cataract surgery over the years has been lens replacement — and that the replacement lenses have improved to a point where they are now an option for people whose sight impairment is not as drastic as cataracts.

I can often waste a lot of my thought time wondering about stuff. Wondering isn’t a bad thing — but knowing, when something is able to be known, is better. I want to leave the wondering to the things that can only be understood in the realms of imagination.

I’m not scheduling surgery for this winter (he’ll start doing lens replacement procedures in about six months) because I’ve identified other priorities for my limited financial capacity. Put simple, I’m not willing to go into debt for something that is not necessary and saving for this would take a few years and during that time I’d have to forego numerous opportunities (travel, for instance) and projects (it’s time to replace the cheap carpet in parts of the house, as another example).

I’m really glad I experienced this Hunter Vision Analysis. I know, for instance, that my eyes are healthy even though they focus in the wrong place. I also know what the options might be and have had the power of choosing that comes from having and understanding those options. What an extraordinary luxury.