Flourishing: Laughing Together as a Reminder that WE ARE NOT ALONE

screenshotI read the title of this video and had a pretty good idea of what I’d see based on it and on other videos like this I’ve seen (including the one about a person acting like their cat at work). What I was not prepared for is how my giggles turned to deep laughter turned to a bit of a snot-fest. Besides the physical comedy of it and the “social mommy commentary” of sorts, I was absolutely amused by these three women pulling this off with straight faces. I bet this took more than one take.

It got me to thinking—because that’s how I work, if something elicits a strong emotional response from it it usually also brings on the thinking—about the power of these stories whether they’re shared on social media or over coffee in a break room. These stories of regular life break down the sense of isolation we (all?) experience when our lives aren’t as (fill-in-the-blank) as what we see on the other side of the fence or on the other person’s newsfeed.

For me, flourishing includes shared laughter over shared experiences that are, more often than not, absolutely average.