Back to School in Ishinomaki

For thousands of children in northern Japan, going back to school is the beginning of normalization. And from all accounts, normalization is going to be a very long road.

This morning I read a BBC article about one school in Ishinomaki which has restarted classes while some families continue to live on the third floor of the school building. Across Japan, nearly 8,000 school buildings were damaged or destroyed.

“‘Many people have fear, especially as aftershocks are still persisting here,’ says Dr Akiko Kono. ‘For example, some children always wear their clothes, or even helmets, at night-time because they fear they may have to evacuate immediately after an aftershock.‘”

Praying, today, for the children who sleep in helmets, that their trauma will heal. Praying, too, for those who are ministering to the traumatized that they will know great endurance in this journey.