Leigh Anne Tuohy

Some people like their Super Heros in spandex body suits carrying a collection of self-branded gadgets. I like mine in something more akin to J.Crew or Talbot’s apparently. But it’s not about the clothes. It really isn’t.

I watched Blindside on a Delta flight between the John Wayne Airport (Orange County, CA) and Atlanta on my way home from an event. Sandra Bullock (who played Leigh Anne Tuohy in the movie) had won the Best Actress Oscar the night before and I figured I’d finally take the time to watch this movie people had been talking about with such enthusiasm. While this blog isn’t about Bullock, I will say that I applaud her work in this movie — if I were a member of the Academy, I would have voted for her too.

I think part of what I like about this character (based on a real person, but I don’t really know the person) is that she did not see herself a victim of anything and didn’t let others either. She treated people with dignity and extended grace — and then kicked butt. It seemed that she generally saw the best in people until they proved her wrong for doing so. Often that helped people see the best in themselves which they’ve overlooked. Not always.

It seems that Leigh Anne Tuohy knows who she is and where she’s come from and where she wants to go — and that knowing gives her confidence. AND, instead of plowing over anyone who gets in her way (though she does a little bit of that) she brings others with her.

Hmm. I might have to find myself a Leah Anne Tuohy lunchbox.