Busted Halo’s Lent Calendar

While I see the value of doing something every day (and there are many things I’m quite religious about doing with that kind of consistency), I like variety.

I also am quite aware that Lent is not really about ME, and that what I “like” is not the criteria for what I do.

However, may I suggest that it is a little bit about me just as it is a little bit about you — a season of focus and discipline that just might move us a few inches closer to being more accurate Image Bearers in this world.

Busted Halo Lent Calendar screenshot

I was delighted when a link to a video on YouTube explaining what Ash Wednesday and Lent are about lead me to Busted Halo’s Lent Calendar. I’m not saying that I’m going to follow this as it’s presented, but I love the idea of taking the focus and adding variety to it in some ways.

Here is today’s “assignment.” I’d love to hear what you think of this idea…
screenshot 2