Power Meeting with my Power Consultant

Jacob is my new consultant. He is very insightful. Today I asked him to help me do a final review of Wycliffe USA’s Monitoring Report for our Board of Directors. It is the report that our President provides to the Board filled with the information they request so they can monitor Wycliffe USA’s progress toward achieving the Results they’ve set for the organization.

First we went over the Bible Translation stats. Jacob kept saying things like “WOW! I’ve never seen anything like this. In the past decade the pace of project starts has accelerated significantly!  109 new language development programs were recorded as starts in 2009. WOW!”

We read through a bunch of the side bar stories from the report. Jacob was really touched by the story of the women from the Kuna language community in Peru who read Scripture in their own language and believed what they were reading to be true. They read the admonition to pray for their national leaders, so they loaded aboard a bus and headed to the Presidential residence. As they stood outside the residence, guards came to investigate. When they explained their intent, the guards suggested they move on, but they did not. They were there in obedience to God and intended to stay and pray. Eventually the guards invited them into a room in the residence where they could pray.

By the time we got to reviewing the charts of measurable indicators, Jacob was a bit distracted. And maybe hungry? Or teething.

Having a consultant who is teething can be a hassle, but his fees are really reasonable and since we let him nap any time he wants to, he is around almost any time we need him. It’s working for me. Besides that, he’s adorable.