Hubbard’s Cupboard, the newsletter + the QR CODE

I sent an email newsletter update yesterday afternoon. If you are subscribed (or think you are) and you’ve not seen it in your INBOX, check to see if your spam filter caught it. I’m using a service called MailChimp and if your filter is set high, it could snag it as potential spam. It has links in it and it uses some language that spam filters find suspicious or objectionable — like “donation.” You may want to put the incoming email address into your “pre-approved” thingy in your email system.

As I’ve said before, I won’t blog about it every time I send a newsletter via email, bit I will do it occasionally when there is a reason. When I do, I will also usually include some ways for you to connect to the email in case you are not subscribed and would like to give it a test drive. Above is a QR code which it will redirect your smart phone’s browser (if you have a QR code reader — downloadable free from various places) to the newsletter. OR, you can click HERE if your phone isn’t smart enough to read these marks. (And tell your phone not to feel bad about it…really…most phones in the world can’t, after all.)

Maybe you’re not yet subscribed and you’d like to be.

There are links you can follow from within the newsletter or you can sign up for HUBBARD’s CUPBOARD right now, for free even by following the text link or using the QR code to the left if you’re into that kind of thing.