Today’s Concert: the first 10 bars of Mozart’s Symphony 39


I’ve considered this, but not to the extent that N.T.Wright pushes my thinking in this video. It makes sense, though, that most of Scripture was intended to be read more as whole things and less as chunks and bits.  I remember realizing the impact of reading the whole of one of Paul’s letters back in the day when I was teaching 9th grade Bible at Heritage. I mean, who reads a letter part way and then comes back for the next part a day later?

I loved the image of an audience’s dissatisfaction if a conductor stopped a symphony ten bars in and invited everyone back for the next 10 bars the next week.

I also loved that he was not trying to suggest that there is not a place for the deeper study in segments.

image2Something in me wants to do something about this but I don’t want to go it alone so much.  Wright said that even reading slowly the whole of John’s Gospel could be read in about 2 hours.

I remember getting together with friends many moons ago and sharing a meal and then reading through Macbeth in an evening.

Why not John?

I think I’ll add this to my vacation list. I’m pretty sure there will be a person or three around who will be game for such a venture.