another sunset metaphor


So, do you ever feel like you are chasing the warmth and beauty of the sunset while the darkness of night is chasing you?

I often get caught in a rabid chase of the future while I run from the past. I can too easily struggle so hard against my fears while simultaneously chasing after the someday that never comes evan as it promises a kind of happily-every-after. And by “often” I think I mean “too often” even though not as frequently as I used to — which is a good thing over all.

It is exhausting.

On Sunday at Northland, Pastor Dan made a recommendation: “Turn around and run into the dark.” I know, it is counter-intuitive. It seems too dangerous–but isn’t the greater danger waiting to swallow us up as we collapse? And , as he also pointed out, when we do run toward the darkness we are ultimately running toward the sunrise.

I’ve been pondering this for a couple of days already.

What darkness has me at a run?

What dream of someĀ less than real hope has me panting in the fear-filled place of dusky in-between?

Where do I need to dive headlong into the unknown of darkness and keep pushing through to the absolutely promise of sunrise?