Prayer. How do you manage?

No surprise that there are apps out there to help us organize, prioritize and otherwise manage our prayer life. I went on an app explore recently and seared for apps using the key word PRAYER. First thing I discovered is that there are a bazillion times more apps that help a practicing Muslim respond to the multiple daily calls to prayer and to know which way Mecca is from wherever they are and even to know how to take correct postures for various prayer than there are apps for any other faith communities who practice prayer.

I’m picky enough about apps that I did not download the first few prayer apps I came across. Some were not visually pleasing and I’m rather a design snob. Most had limited functionality or were too complex to be useful.

Prayer Notebook app

I finally found the Prayer Notebook and downloaded the free version to give it a test drive. So far, I am pleasantly impressed. The only drawback I’m seeing so far is that it is only developed for the iOS environment and the developers don’t plan to develop for Android. I wonder if they simply have a limited capacity and could be moved to expand if there were resources available to make that happen somehow. (Yes, I wonder these kinds of things.)

Here is a visual demonstration that will give you a sense of what this app does and how it works and looks. If you download it and use it a while, I’d love your feedback. Don’t miss the Subscription options where I have already subscribed to daily prayer requests from Joshua Project and IMB (Southern Baptist Convention’s International Mission Board).

I particularly like that I can add requests, set reminders to pray that are flexible to fit my schedule, and can send notes of encouragement from within the app when I’ve prayed for someone. I’m giving myself time to set it up and test it well before I go crazy and make the inve$tment in the paid version. I’m not sure what that version offers that is not in the freebie, but if I like this and keep using it, I will pay just to support ongoing development of good apps.