“…o’re the land of the free.”

I’m more than troubled that numbers of people responded to Sebastian de la Cruz’s offering of the national anthem at Tuesday night’s NBA game with arrogant and ignorant racist crazy talk. Then again, it is just what I might have expected, and that troubles me too.

I’ve read a few of the Twitter remarks and chose to stop before I started Tweeting things I’d regret. Wow.

Today I want to applaud those in San Antonio who chose to invite this young man (11-years-old) back to the Thursday night game to sing again. I want to applaud the major of San Antonio for standing up and introducing him with pride. I want to applaud those who in this instance and in thousands of others just like it (though usually not so public) choose time and again to keep doing what is right despite the haters.


Today—Flag Day 2013— I declare without hesitation, that I am proud to stand metaphorically next to this young American and salute the best of what the flag represents.