Theatre: Seeing (#URBANA’09)

Jenny Vaughn Hall performs a moving monologue – a modern interpretation of the biblical story of Rahab. She shared this early in the week at URBANA’09.

This is one of those biblical narratives that I’ve long known but never really understood. I mean, what would motivate this woman to do what she did — to hide spies? Maybe her motivation was money. The Scripture doesn’t say. Something about this interpretation makes a deeper kind of sense to me. It’s more how I’ve seen God work.

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I’ve not seen myself in this story before. When people are reduced to their designations and labels, I can too easily dismiss them as “other.”  That is part of why I need story expressed in forms– like this– to put flesh on the truth.

Once again I’m back to the reality that had God not put on flesh and moved into the neighborhood, I would too easily have dismissed him as “man” and “Jew” and “carpenter” and “rabbi” and not found the common humanity that let me see him.