Photos Please: COFFEE or TEA & the spaces in which you enjoy them

I made a request on Facebook and I’m going to repeat it here: please share your photos.

Specifically, I’m looking for some images to use at an event in June. I want to create an atmosphere that is like the ones many of us love in our favorite Starbuck’s (like the one in Broad Ripple…on the sofa in front of the fire place). So, as part of that, I’m collecting images of those favorite spaces (with the coffee or tea potentially in the photo, but not so much people).

I few people have sent me some  already and I’m loving that these are not going to end up being stuff I find trolling Google Images, but rather photos taken by people I know in places that mean something to them.

(Please send these to me using my email address which I’m not going to post here for various reasons but which is on my Facebook INFO tab for those who are FB friends. Any email address you have for me is okay to use, however. AND, if you we don’t actually know each other but you want to share an image, I hope you’ll understand why I suggest you send me a URL to it on Flickr or your blog.)

The photo of Starbucks on the beach is one that Kelly Martin sent yesterday.

I’m digging through my own photos for ones I can use as well. I found a few last night when I did a quick look in my own digital stash. I love this one from Haarlem (the town outside of Amsterdam where the ten Boom family lived). Somehow the cat and the bike make it feel like more than just a couple of rows of tables & chairs. That, and the fact that I can remember how good the sun felt that morning as I wandered about on a free day between meetings on the one side and travel to Manila on the other.

I also quite like this one from a little cafe on the main drag in Evergreen, Colorado where I had breakfast in December 2008 before heading back to Orlando. It was a quaint little place, but mostly it was about the mountains and the memories. Some of our favorite places are like that.

So, if you WANT to share the story of the photos you send, I’d love to hear those. Don’t, however, feel like that’s an expectation. Some images tell their own stories — or at least evoke in us a story of our own. At the same time, I’d love to hear your stories because they are yours and then you will have shared a good bit more of yourself than just your photos. Somehow, at least for me, the spaces where I enjoy coffee or tea are often MORE about the stories and the relationships than about the comfortable chair, the view through the window, the color of the walls…

Brian sent this photo via Facebook (a link to an album there) so I could read the story of it within the context of the album from his vacation in California. This is a cool coffee shop with lots of books to read while you’re there. Hmmm. Books on shelves.