One Last Thing

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This is “officially” my last blog about my trip to Russia. That doesn’t mean that things won’t come to mind from time to time and show up here somewhere. It just means that I’m about ready to turn to other topics in this space. I thought I’d end with a collection of some of the images that will be in my mind for a long time of this place I’d never been before. I mean really, did YOU expect all this color? That and a simple reminder of why I spent my vacation in Ulan Ude.

Maybe you read the blog I wrote 30 hours before departure in which I clearly stated that I was going to Siberia first and foremost to spend time with my friends. Now that I’m back, when people ask me what the highlight of my trip was, I have to clarify whether they are talking about the overwhelming highlight at the center of why I went or are they talking about the stuff around the edges.

I loved my vacation because I got to hang out with Mark and Charlene (and Vanessa). Period.

Everything positive (like seeing cool stuff and collecting great rocks and sticking my feet in the world’s largest fresh water lake and getting my photo taken in front of St. Basil’s) beyond that was bonus. I am certainly and abundantly blessed.