Sea World

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I was briefly tempted to title this blog “Old Man and the Sea.”  My dad and I recently purchased season passes for Sea World and we went yesterday. I’ve never called him my “old man” and, while he is 81 years old, he’s not “old” in the head. Still, would have been a catchy title.

We are taking advantage of their “EZ Pay” system that divides the fee into monthly payments, which makes this option outstandingly affordable. Unlike some of the other deals where you pay for one day and come back all year, this one includes parking (otherwise that’s $12 each time you go) as well as providing discounts on food (might use occasionally) and stuff (which I probably won’t use) and for paying guests who come with us if that ever happens. I’m not saying all this to justify to you the expense — but to encourage anyone who lives in the area and who loves this particular park, that there is a way to make this a regular part of life which is less expensive that you might think.

I love the animals at Sea World. Dolphins and stingrays and whales are fantastic. The manatee are just plain funny to watch float about in the water. Then there are birds and cats and dogs, seals, sharks and all other manner of fish. And don’t forget the Clydesdale horses — Sea World is part of the Budweiser empire.

I love the gardens, too. Well kept Florida gardens are inspirational for this novice Florida gardener. Of course it also is practical for me to see what plants they use and how they group them. Now if I could only build a huge rock and water enclosure in the back yard…I’m afraid the HOA would have issues with what I have in mind.

And the rides, while few, are fantastic. I only rode one of them on Saturday — the newest coaster called Manta. WOW.

All of these things serve to de-stress me and kick-start my brain when it gets stuck in status quo.

Anyhow, we did our first outing. Arrived before the park opened and I walked right on the new Manta ride. We saw a show and wandered through a few exhibits and the gardens and walked around the lake and came home. Having the passes means that we can do the short visits. I expect it will be a regular thing. That’s the plan, anyhow.

If you’re coming this way and want to visit Sea World and us (two birds, one stone), we’d love to meet you there. Hey, I can get you a slight discount on your tickets with my pass I think. Pretty sure. Would love to do that.