Neighborhood Garage Sale

Twice a year our community sets aside most of a Saturday for a neighborhood garage sale. This past weekend was our fall date and more homes than have for a long while participated. Dad and I set out mid-morning for a couple of hours of poking about. We spent a total of under $20 and brought home some fun finds.

Dad got a knit polo style shirt. Can’t remember the brand, but it was one of those well-known ones. He paid $2. And I got two shirts (not for myself) at the same house for a buck each. They are those Under Armour deals. Any guesses who gets first right of refusal on those?

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I’m rather pleased with these other finds. Two sets of shot glasses — which will not be used for their original intended purpose. The multi-colored ones may be dessert shots or individual flower vases. The clear ones that are way narrow at the top are currently holding some of my favorite rocks from my Michigan vacation.

Speaking of which, the thick glass container filled with more Michigan rocks was made in Poland and it’s super heavy and wonderful. I paid 50 cents for it. It is exactly what I was looking for – for exactly this purpose.

One of the big-ticket purchases was s the blue (with white interior) casserole dishes for which I paid a whopping $3.00.

Missing from the slide show is a small lamp with shade. I think the two pieces did not go together and I won’t likely use them together. $2.00.

The stone white purse was a gift. It’s a Michael Kors. (Anyone else have to Google that? I did.) I just knew that the leather felt fantastic when I picked it up.

So, fun morning.

Oh, don’t you love the blue decorative vase? I know I do.